Savile Co.

Savile Co.

The SBO project starts with the London Coppoletta Designs studio and will offer owners the possibility of developing valued concepts, completely personal, through support and experience as well as technicians and designers able to adapt all ideas and creative inspiration.

From the colours of furnishings to the personalisation of the tubes, and to the choice of materials for internal solutions.

These days, you have the options of making your Sacs a one-off product, guaranteed by the construction quality produced by the yard. A unique example worldwide, just like the owners who use them.

Savile Co

Overall length (with platform) 9,32 (9,92 m)
EC certifying length 9,26 m
Max beam 3,44 m
Draft (to the prop) 0,55 m (0,85 m)
Tubes 68 cm
Number of compartments 6
Hull type Deep V Hull
Dead rise 22°
Dry weight with standard engines 3,0 t
Fuel tank capacity 450 L
Water tank capacity 80 L
Waste tank capacity 40 L (optional)
Homologation category CE – B
Persons capacity 16
Sleeping accommodation 2
Maximum installable power 514 kW
Suggested engine 2 x Evinrude 300 hp
Transmission Outboard
Project SACS
Design Christian Grande DesignWorks