Our special editions are born from complementary and synergic professional collaborations, which create unique results, increasing the value of the boats at most.

Sacs Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari

What type of boat does a Ferrari owner have? Maybe a yacht, of a large and fast speedboat. Both are an expression of luxury and offer thrills, but not enough to enjoy the sea in all its splendours. To reach shore when the boat is at anchor, or to discover a small deserted bay for the enjoyment of nature, you need a tender.

Strider 8

Jaguar XT8

Is it possible to choose the luxury and sporting appeal of Jaguar for navigating the seas as well? JAGUAR XT8 is an 8-metre vessel capable of offering, always in great safety and with maximum comfort, the emotion of speed on the water, just like all the cars of the Jaguar range.

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Sacs Abarth Derivazione

Sacs Abarth Derivative is a 9-meter sport-RIB, for those enthusiasts of sporting looks and performance. Equipped with a pair of 250 HP Yamaha outboards, purposefully prepared for this exclusive version, they guarantee a breath-taking performance.

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The Savile Co.

The SBO project starts with the London Coppoletta Designs studio and will offer owners the possibility of developing valued concepts, completely personal, through support and experience as well as technicians and designers able to adapt all ideas and creative inspiration.

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ABT Sport Master

Limited edition

A fresh collaboration between Sacs and ABT, the German car tuning provider that works with the Volkswagen and Audi Group and implements numerous motorsports activities for the brand with the four rings; the result is a “muscular luxury 11-meters RiB”: The Strider 11 ABT Sport Master L.E.

Strider 12 esse R

Powershore Abarth SP

Power and performance, the dominant characteristics and style of winners; this is POWERSHORE ABARTH SP, the Sacs inflatable, designed and planned by the Christian Grande DesignWorks studio with contributions from Centro Stile Fiat.

Strider 13 Gran Coupé

Lancia di Lancia

The “Lancia di Lancia” is the first real Gran Turismo of the seas, combining style and character from the nautical world and that of automobile design. Its aristocratic elegance does not mask the sporting character which Sacs wished to instil in these predators of the seas.